What to look for when buying a suitcase

Finding the perfect luggage to suit your various trips is no easy task. One of the most important considerations is of course durability, whether it’s a hardshell or softshell suitcase, and its construction.

Check the wheels

As the number of wheels is a matter of taste, it is recommended to get some made of rubber instead of plastic. Also, check if it’s possible to replace them individually in case you need to.

Good handle

The next important feature is the handle, which should be telescopic and extended easily without wobbling or protruding. Side handles matter as well and should be firmly attached to carry the weight of the suitcase and its contents.

Hardshell or softshell?

When it comes to choosing between a hardshell or softshell case, protection and flexibility should come in mind. A hardshell cover is water resistant and provides better protection for your belongings. However, you have to accept the
risk of it breaking easily and of more visible wear and tear. Also, it is less flexible when packing. The most resistant materials to rough handling are aluminum and virgin polycarbonate.

In comparison, a softshell case is less protective but has a longer lifespan.
Thanks to exterior pockets, you can usually pack more.

Durable material

Choose a well-known brand

No matter what kind of luggage you choose, accidents can always happen — even with high-quality items. Therefore, chose a brand that offers a fair warranty and a service to fix your luggage.

Post time: Jun-29-2019